China best High Strength Single Chain Double Chain Tensioner High Abrasion Resistance CZPT Saving with Best Sales

Product Description

JIKAI Technology Company is Professional
Manufacturer of Underground Mining Equipment

Scraper conveyor—AFC pan (Armored Face Conveyors Pan)

Product Introdction:

The inblock casting scraper conveyor is the fifth technological revolution. It has been rated as “international leading level” by experts in the coal industry (2 invention patents, 5 utility model patents and 5 provincial and municipal awards). It has been awarded as a national key new product by the Ministry of science and technology, the Ministry of environmental protection and the development and Reform Commission.
In 2018, the inblock cast scraper conveyor won the first prize of science and technology of China’s coal industry. Our company presided over the preparation of China’s first energy industry standard for inblock casting scraper conveyor (Nb / T 10384-2019), which was officially promulgated and

implemented on July 1, 2571. The products have been widely used in major domestic coal mining groups such as HangZhou Coal Group, HangZhou Mining, Pingmei Group, Yitai Group, Yongmei Group, and are exported to Russia, Iran, Poland and other major coal-producing countries in the world.

Technical Features:

The first in the inblock casting technology industry, it is the first choice of scraper conveyor for fully mechanized mining face.

High strength, high wear resistance, corrosion resistance and long service life, which is twice longer than that of traditional scraper conveyor;

Corrugated design can save energy and reduce consumption, and the operating power of the whole machine is 10% ~ 30% lower than that of the traditional scraper conveyor.

Technical features of intelligent 3D molding inblockl casting scraper conveyor.

The intelligent 3D molding inblock casting scraper conveyor is equipped with an industry-leading intelligent control system, which is suitable for a full range of scraper conveyor products.

The centralized control center controls and monitors the scraper conveyor, transfer machine, crusher, belt conveyor, self moving device, etc. Ten functions can be realized:

Sequential start and stop, emergency stop and lock;

Smart start;

Automatic chain tension relaxation and chain breaking protection;

Coal quantity monitoring system;

Intelligent speed regulation;

Power unit operation status monitoring;

Power unit operating status CZPT diagnosis, fault early warning protection;

Interlocking and centralized control between the chute and the equipment of the working face;

Support the remote control of the third-party host computer;

Automatic data transmission in the central control center.



Product Series Installed Power(kW) Conveying Capacity(t/h) AFC Pan Inside width(mm) Design Maximum Length(m) Scraper Chain Type Line Pan Structure
630 Series 2×(110~200) 250~450 590(580) 100,150 Single chain / medium double chain Inblock Casting Line Pan
730 Series 2×(132~250) 450~700 690(680) 100,150,200 Single chain / medium double chain Inblock Casting Line Pan
764 Series 2×(200~400) 700~1000 724 150,200 Medium double chain Inblock Casting Line Pan
830 Series 2×(250~400) 1200 780 150,200 Medium double chain Inblock Casting Line Pan
800 Series 2×(315~525) 1200~1500 800 150~250 Medium double chain Inblock Casting Line Pan
900 Series 2×(400~855) 1500~2000 900 150~300 Medium double chain Inblock Casting Line Pan
1000 Series 2×525~3×1000 1800~3000 1000 150~300 Medium double chain Inblock Casting Line Pan
1200 Series 2×(700~1200) 2500~3000 1200 250~300 Medium double chain Inblock Casting Line Pan
1250 Series 3×(855~1500) 3000~3500 1250 300~400 Medium double chain Inblock Casting Line Pan
1400 Series 3×(1200~1600) 4000 1400 400 Medium double chain Inblock Casting Line Pan

At present, our company has built an advanced R&D system:Since 2007, the company has realized the network and digitization of R&D and design work;3D solid design and finite element analysis;Implemented product data lifecycle management (PLM);project workflow management; the integration of PLM system and ERP system;the paperless application of drawings and all technical data.
For example: 3D integral casting scraper conveyor not only greatly improves the service life of the scraper, but also promotes the intelligent construction of fully mechanized mining;Anti-gas and anti-groundpressure automatic drilling rig, equipped with remote control and video monitoring system, with real-time data collection functions, with one-key drilling function and anti-stucking functions, suitable for groundpressure prevention;The national III standard explosion-proof diesel engine monorail crane locomotive realizes multi-point direct transportation of hydraulic supports (48T); the drilling and bolting jumbo can drill with 1 key, and realize the automatic construction of anchor rods and anchor cable holes.

With firm determination and strong investment, our company has always improved the quality management system, and effectively implemented the quality management system of full participation, full responsibility, whole process control and continuous improvement.We vigorously improve the quality management level to ensure product quality,meet user requirements and be responsible for users.At present, our company has established an advanced quality assurance system.According to the continuously improving quality management requirements, the company has successively developed quality management software that meets the standard requirements, realizing automatic detection and controlling the whole process.

All products have corresponding quality control standards, which are completed simultaneously with design drawings and processes, and are recorded in the information management system.

Each product is marked with a unique permanent laser identification code when it is submitted for inspection. The inspection items and records correspond to each identification code, which realizes:1. Unique product quality identification; 2. Traceability of product quality problems; 3. Lifelong responsibility for product quality; 4. The basis for improvement is accurate and sufficient, and the improvement effect is tracked in place.
In recent years, we have been rated as ZheJiang Provincial Enterprise Technology Center, HangZhou Coal Mining Machinery Engineering Technology Research Center, ZheJiang Coal Mine Safety Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center (in preparation), ZheJiang Coal Mine Safety Equipment Inspection and Testing Platform (in preparation), The public technology research and development platform for coal mining machinery and equipment of the Ministry of Commerce has been fully affirmed by relevant departments in terms of product research and development, quality inspection, engineering technology transformation, and public

In the future, the engineering laboratory will obtain income through technical patents and paid use of new products, undertaking technical engineering research and development tasks for coal mine safety equipment industry, government scientific research funding, technical training and technical services, etc. “The virtuous cycle operation mode, and strive to achieve the sustainable development of the laboratory.

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Main Features:

1..Full hydraulic driving, reliable performance, monolever bidirectional driving, simple and accurate.

2..Crawler-mounted, ground pressure less than 0.06MPa, adapted to soft ground transportation.

3..Compact design, passing space 1200mm (optional 1100mm), good for narrow tunnel.

4..Bi-directional driving could solve the turning problems effectively.

5..The crane jib installed in the transporter could lift up material which weight is 1000kg.


Technical Features

1. Multifunctional combination
Intelligent roadheader is a multi-functional roadheader with intelligent CZPT and anchoring protection;
2. Four operation modes
There are 4 mutual locking operation modes: local, line-of-sight, underground and ground remote.
3. Inertial Navigation Positioning
Equipped with inertial navigation system to automatically locate and CZPT the body.
4. Three cutting methods
With automatic, adaptive, memory 3 cutting methods.
5. Intelligent monitoring
Equipped with intelligent monitoring and audio and video acquisition system.


Technical features:

         Double exhaust and the new type of sealing structure outriggers move up and down smoothly.

         Reliable performance
         Adopt advanced system design, reliable performance.

         Low noise
         The self-developed muffler system has low noise of the machine.




Replacing a Failing Drive Belt Tensioner

A failing drive belt tensioner can be extremely costly. Here’s what to look for and what to do if you suspect yours is bad. In addition, you’ll learn how to identify Idler pulleys and repair it yourself. If the tensioner is failing, you should replace the belt, as well as the Idler pulleys and shaft bearings. But what if the tensioner isn’t faulty?

Symptoms of a bad or failing drive belt tensioner

If your car’s drive belt is not moving smoothly, the pulley may be at fault. Ideally, the tensioner pulley should move away from the engine when the car starts. However, if it stays put or starts to move toward the engine, it’s time to replace the tensioner. The belt may also start to exhibit different wear patterns, such as the uneven wear of the sprockets, bearings, and springs.
If the serpentine belt begins to look loose and the engine loses its luster, the problem is most likely the bad drive belt tensioner. This issue will result in engine vibration. A faulty drive belt tensioner may also lead to a faulty spark plug, which prevents fuel from burning in the combustion chamber. This issue will likely require an engine diagnostic tool, such as an OBD2 scanner, to determine the cause of the check engine light.
Another sign that your drive belt tensioner is failing is a chirping noise. This noise can occur intermittently or constantly, and it may signal a problem with the pulley. In some cases, a faulty pulley may even cause your engine to misfire. Additionally, you may notice that the engine won’t start, even if you engage the starter motor.
In addition to the noise that may come from a failing tensioner, the bad belt tensioner may cause your serpentine to fail. In addition to the noise, this can also lead to overheating of the engine, which can result in costly damages. In addition to causing engine damage, a bad belt tensioner won’t reserve the minimum tension it needs to do its job and may even exceed it, causing the belt to wear out much faster.
If you notice any of these symptoms, it may be time to replace the drive belt tensioner. You can find a replacement OEM part online at a discounted price, as they’re available in wholesale quantities. A Mazda engine typically has no other parts blocking the serpentine belt path, so you can easily find the part you need. After replacing the drive belt tensioner, you’ll need to replace the serpentine belt as well.

Cost to replace a drive belt tensioner

Depending on the location and type of vehicle, replacing a drive belt tensioner can cost between $235 and $267. Some repairs may require other parts, such as a serpentine belt or tensioner housing. RepairPal’s Fair Price Estimator can help you get an accurate estimate for your particular vehicle. You can also contact HomeX, a virtual repair shop that can fix simple issues like loose drive belt tension.
It’s a relatively simple DIY job for most cars. An experienced mechanic will be able to replace the belt in a half hour or less, depending on the type of car and how many parts are affected. Depending on the complexity of the repair, the labor to replace the drive belt tensioner could cost anywhere from $50 to $170. The labor to replace the drive belt tensioner is typically included in the quoted price, but some auto shops may charge more to replace other car parts as well.
Replacing the drive belt tensioner is a relatively easy task. While the process might take an hour or more, it will be worthwhile in the long run. Regular inspections can prevent costly repairs by identifying problems before they cause major damage. A car’s belt is essential to the operation of the engine and can’t be operated without it. Changing it can save you money, as it will save you from spending extra on unnecessary parts.
Thankfully, there are plenty of tools available to help you replace your drive belt. While it may not be the easiest repair, it will still cost less than a mechanic’s service call. It is better to replace the belt early than to wait for the vehicle to break down, as this will prevent more expensive parts from breaking. You may also consider investing in a premium belt, which will give you twice as much mileage as a cheaper one.
While a drive belt tensioner is generally considered a wear-and-tear item, it is a part that should last the entire life of the vehicle. You can expect to replace the drive belt tensioner no earlier than 125,000 miles, but it is better to do it early if your car isn’t that old. And it doesn’t hurt to check the owner’s manual for directions on how to replace the drive belt tensioner.

Idler pulleys

Idler pulleys may seem like a minor part of your car, but their important job is to keep various components in good working order. Fortunately, they are inexpensive and don’t need much maintenance. If 1 pulley fails, it is best to replace all of them. However, it is not always easy to check idler pulleys yourself. It’s recommended that you visit a professional auto repair shop that is ASE-certified to inspect and replace the idler pulley.
Depending on the size and type of idler pulleys you need, you’ll have to purchase 2 or 3 pieces. You’ll need to purchase a pair of pliers for this part, as well as a tensioner pulley wrench. The cost of a replacement idler pulley will vary by make and model, but you can expect to pay between $40 and $200. These prices don’t include taxes or fees. Because they are so essential to drive belts, it’s worth investing in 1 or two.
Idler pulleys are a vital part of a car’s engine. They’re found underneath the hood and are usually 2 to 4 inches in diameter. They run over a roller that’s used to tension the belt. The belt is wrapped around a series of engine parts, and the idler pulleys are a complement to each other. You may not need an idler pulley on your car, but your mechanic will install it for you if you don’t.
The idler pulleys for a belt tensioner are crucial parts of your car’s engine. If they are worn down, the belt is likely to move loosely over them. Corrosion may also make the idler pulley move less freely. If the idler pulley is slipping, the belt may jump over the pulley, and the squealing noises will indicate a serious problem.
The idler pulley is a pivotal part of the engine’s power train. It redirects the path of the serpentine and timing belts, so that they can make optimal contact. The larger the contact patch, the more power the belt will transfer. The idler pulley can also improve the vehicle’s performance. It is a vital part of the engine, so make sure you check it frequently and install it correctly.

Repairing a drive belt tensioner

Replacing a drive belt tensioner is relatively simple. While your belt may need to be replaced, other parts of your engine may also need to be fixed. Typically, the tensioner will be replaced along with the pulley, as both parts are prone to malfunction. Replacing the drive belt tensioner is a fairly straightforward job, and it should only take about an hour or two. By following these simple steps, you can save yourself a lot of money and time.
You can detect the problem by observing the belt glazing. Typically, it occurs when the tensioner does not have enough spring tension. Another sign of a failed component bearing is excessive arm oscillation. Excessive chattering and oscillation indicate that the damper has worn out. If you notice excessive oscillation, you should replace the tensioner pulley. Otherwise, you might be dealing with a defective bearing.
A damaged or out-of-adjusted drive belt will make a squealing noise. This is due to the belt slipping on the pulleys. It is most noticeable when the car is first started in the morning. A damaged drive belt will also be hard to manipulate. The new belt should be the same length and width as the old one. You can check the tensioner by pulling the belt and compressing it.
A worn-out drive belt tensioner will result in unusual noise, excessive wear, and a loose belt. This is especially affecting if the car is equipped with a serpentine belt. The drive belt tensioner has a roller bearing that can wear out, which will cause a squealing noise or even cause the belt to roll off entirely. Because of its important role in engine operation, it is vital to check the condition of the drive belt tensioner on a regular basis.
While replacing a drive belt tensioner may seem like a simple DIY project, you should consult a mechanic before undertaking the work. The parts and labor costs of a drive belt tensioner repair can range from $140 to $400, and you should allow an hour for this repair. If you are not comfortable performing the repair yourself, you can always hire a mechanic to do it for you. In most cases, a drive belt tensioner replacement will cost approximately $70 to $80 and take about an hour.

China best High Strength Single Chain Double Chain Tensioner High Abrasion Resistance CZPT Saving     with Best SalesChina best High Strength Single Chain Double Chain Tensioner High Abrasion Resistance CZPT Saving     with Best Sales